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Effect of landslides on environmental insecurity in Rwanda

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dc.description Master's Dissertation en_US
dc.description.abstract Landslides is a serious issue in a country of hills and mountains on population daily life with the surround environment that means land, water, sky, living and non-living things and its weathering, etc. All those aspect needs to be secured, so that national environmental security is insured, it is in this regards that this study was considered. The study looked at finding out the effects of landslides on environmental security in Nyarugenge district, identify factors responsible to landslides occurrences in Nyarugenge district and identify challenges and strategies to hindering mechanism of landslides issues in Nyarugenge district, the main objective was to identify the effects of Landslides on environmental security in Rwanda. Landslides occurrences dependent on wide range of factors which may generally be considered under the factors like Natural factors, Human factors and Environmental factors. Descriptive method was used through both quantitative and qualitative approaches where the researcher based on answers from respondents to describe how landslides affect environmental security. Thus, 68 representative sample of 119059 population age group of 21-60 years from 8 selected sectors that are vulnerable to landslides in Nyarugenge district. Data Collection was done using questionnaires survey and self-administered questionnaire, researcher relied on primary data. During this study, the emphasis was put on the causal factors where the surveyed respondents agreed at the majority level to deforestation, heavy destructive flooding, and Infrastructural (poor construction of water channel, houses, roads, etc), sudden and heavy erosion at the following consecutive proportions (22.1%, 23.50%, 23.50% and 8.8%). challenges to hinder landslides in the community respondents at the higher level of 32.40% are encountering the challenges related to the structure of the land which is currently nominated to be high risk zone, low level of people understanding about mitigation strategies with 27.00% of them and population habitation structure. All in all, we recommend educating the population on protection of environment, Escalation institutional frameworks and focused policies to promote cross sector and participatory approaches to environmental security and artificial resources management, Reinforcement of the availability of information related to climate change so as to ensure the efficient en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Landslides en_US
dc.subject Environmental protection en_US
dc.title Effect of landslides on environmental insecurity in Rwanda en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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